ACT Sponsorship Program

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Advanced Clutch Technology. Every year, ACT partners with grassroots and professional drivers to promote the company and products, and provide unrivaled support. Since 1994, ACT has used the sponsorship program as a testing ground for products with the aspiring racer, professional racer and naturally, the average driver who has modified a car and enjoys track days.

Sponsoring some of today's top race and show winners is an ideal way to reach audiences all around the world. If you are seeking sponsorship support, please review the following guidelines before submitting your information.

Guidelines to Submit Your Proposal

Please email your proposal to or mail it to:

ACT Sponsorship
206 East Avenue K-4
Lancaster, CA 93535

Information to Include in Your Proposal:

  • Cover page
  • Mission statement or goals
  • Owner Information and/or driver biography
  • Sponsorship proposal opportunity - What you would like from ACT (e.g., part numbers, etc) and how it would benefit ACT.
  • Vehicle specifications, including the year, make, and model with horsepower and torque specifications/output.
  • List of future vehicle modifications
  • List of current sponsors
  • Schedule/exposure opportunity, including a list of races, shows, events or media coverage, in which the vehicle will participate.
  • Race accomplishments (if applicable).
  • Photos of your vehicle. If the vehicle is incomplete and being built, send us photos of the vehicle in progress.
  • Contact information, including a physical address, email address and phone number.
  • Preferred file formats: PDF, Word Document. (All emails must be smaller than 10MB or they will be blocked.) 

What to Expect

The ACT sponsorship team accepts and review proposals throughout the year. Most decisions are made by March 1. If it is past the initial deadline, please feel free to submit your proposal for review.

ACT offers sponsorship to drivers, teams, vehicle builders, etc, according to company goals for the given year. The sponsorship panel contacts everyone who sends in a proposal and lets them know the plan for the year. Thank you for your consideration.

Important note: All proposals become the property of Advanced Clutch Technology, Inc., and cannot be returned.