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No Parts Found
We currently do not offer parts for this vehicle. We will take your search into consideration. Please fill out the quote if you would like to be notified of a future release. Thanks for your time!
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No Parts Found

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We currently do not offer parts for this vehicle. We will take your search into consideration. Please fill out the quote if you would like to be notified of a future release. Thanks for your time!

Application List
 Audi A4 Quattro (2018) - Komfort/Premium/Premium Plus/Prestige/Progressiv/Technik2.0 L4 GAS FI 1984cc
 Audi A4 Quattro (2018) - Premium/Premium Plus/Prestige2.0 L4 GAS FI 1984cc
 BMW 230i (2018) - Base2.0 L4 GAS FI 1998cc
 BMW 230i xDrive (2018) - Base2.0 L4 GAS FI 1998cc
 BMW 320i (2018) - Base2.0 L4 GAS FI 1997cc
 BMW 330i (2018) - Base2.0 L4 GAS FI 1998cc
 BMW 430i (2018) - Base2.0 L4 GAS FI 1998cc
 BMW 430i Gran Coupe (2018) - Base2.0 L4 GAS FI 1998cc
 BMW 440i (2018) - Base3.0 L6 GAS FI 2998cc
 BMW 440i xDrive (2018) - Base3.0 L6 GAS FI 2998cc
 BMW M2 (2018) - Base3.0 L6 GAS FI 2979cc
 BMW M240i (2018) - Base3.0 L6 GAS FI 2998cc
 BMW M3 (2018) - Base3.0 L6 GAS FI 2979cc
 BMW M4 (2018) - Base3.0 L6 GAS FI 2979cc
 Cadillac ATS (2018) - Base/Luxury2.0 L4 GAS FI 1998cc
 Cadillac ATS (2018) - V3.6 V6 GAS FI 3564cc
 Chevrolet Camaro (2012) - LS3.6 V6 GAS FI 3564cc
 Chevrolet Camaro (2016-2017) - LS/LT/RS
 Chevrolet Camaro (2018-2019) - LS/LT2.0 L4 GAS FI 1998cc
 Chevrolet Camaro (2018-2019) - SS/ZL16.2 V8 GAS FI 6162cc
 Chevrolet Camaro (2018-2019) - LS/LT3.6 V6 GAS FI -cc
 Chevrolet Corvette (2018-2019) - Grand Sport/Stingray/Z06/ZR16.2 V8 GAS FI 6162cc
 Chevrolet Cruze (2018) - L/LS/LT1.4 L4 GAS FI 1399cc
 Chevrolet Cruze (2018) - LT1.6 L4 DIESEL FI 1598cc
 Chevrolet Sonic (2018) - LT/Premier1.4 L4 GAS FI 1364cc
 Chevrolet Sonic (2018) - LS/LT1.8 L4 GAS FI 1796cc
 Chevrolet Spark (2018) - Activ/LS/LT/LTZ1.4 L4 GAS FI 1399cc
 Dodge Challenger (2018) - R/T/T/A5.7 V8 GAS FI -cc
 Dodge Challenger (2018) - Edicion Especial/R/T 392/SRT 392/T/A 3926.4 V8 GAS FI 6424cc
 Dodge Challenger (2018) - SRT Hellcat6.2 V8 GAS FI 6166cc
 Fiat 124 Spider (2018) - Abarth/Classica/Lusso1.4 L4 GAS FI 1368cc
 Fiat 500 (2018) - Abarth/c Lounge/c Pop/Lounge/Pop1.4 L4 GAS FI 1368cc
 Fiat 500X (2018) - Lounge/Pop/Sport/Trekking2.4 L4 GAS FI 2360cc
 Fiat 500X (2018) - Lounge/Pop/Sport/Trekking1.4 L4 GAS FI 1368cc
 Ford Fiesta (2018) - S/SE/ST/Titanium1.6 L4 GAS FI 1596cc
 Ford Focus (2018) - S/SE/ST2.0 L4 FLEX FI 1999cc
 Ford Focus (2018) - SE1.0 L3 GAS FI 999cc
 Ford Focus (2018) - RS2.3 L4 GAS FI 2300cc
 Ford Mustang (2018-2019) - EcoBoost/EcoBoost Premium2.3 L4 GAS FI 2300cc
 Ford Mustang (2018-2019) - Shelby GT350/Shelby GT350R5.2 V8 GAS FI 5163cc
 Ford Mustang (2018-2019) - Bullitt/GT/GT Premium/V85.0 V8 GAS FI 4951cc
 Honda Accord (2008-2017) - EX/EX-L/HFP3.5 V6 GAS FI 3471cc
 Honda Accord (2018) - LX/Sport1.5 L4 GAS FI 1497cc
 Honda Accord (2018) - Sport2.0 L4 GAS FI 1996cc
 Honda Civic (2014) - Si2.4 L4 GAS FI 2351cc
 Honda Civic (2018) - EX/EX-L/EX-T/LX/Si/Sport/Touring1.5 L4 GAS FI 1497cc
 Honda Civic (2018) - DX/EX/LX/Type R2.0 L4 GAS FI 1996cc
 Honda Civic (2019) - Type R2.0 L4 GAS FI 1996cc | Turbocharged
 Hyundai Accent (2018) - GL/GLS/L/LE/Mid/SE1.6 L4 GAS FI 1591cc
 Hyundai Elantra (2018) - GL/GLS/L/SE2.0 L4 GAS FI 1999cc
 Hyundai Elantra (2018) - Sport1.6 L4 GAS FI 1591cc
 Hyundai Elantra GT (2018) - Sport1.6 L4 GAS FI 1591cc
 Hyundai Elantra GT (2018) - Base/GL/GLS2.0 L4 GAS FI 1999cc
 Hyundai Veloster (2019) - Turbo/Turbo R-Spec/Turbo Ultimate1.6 L4 GAS FI 1591cc
 Jaguar F-Type (2018) - Base2.0 L4 GAS FI 1997cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Jaguar F-Type (2018) - Base/R-Dynamic3.0 V6 GAS FI 2995cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Jeep Compass (2018) - Latitude/North/Sport2.4 L4 GAS FI 2360cc
 Jeep Renegade (2018) - Latitude/North/Sport2.4 L4 GAS FI 2360cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Jeep Renegade (2018) - Latitude/North/Sport1.4 L4 GAS FI 1368cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Jeep Wrangler (2018) - Rubicon/Sport/Sport S/Unlimited Rubicon/Unlimited Sahara/Unlimited Sport/Unlimited Sport S3.6 V6 GAS FI 3604cc
 Jeep Wrangler JK (2018) - Sahara/Sport/Unlimited Rubicon/Unlimited Sahara/Unlimited Sport3.6 V6 GAS FI 3604cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Kia Forte (2018) - EX/LX/SX2.0 L4 GAS FI 1999cc
 Kia Forte5 (2018) - SX1.6 L4 GAS FI 1591cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Kia Forte5 (2018) - LX2.0 L4 GAS FI 1999cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Kia Rio (2018) - EX/LX1.6 L4 GAS FI 1591cc
 Kia Soul (2018) - Base/LX1.6 L4 GAS FI 1591cc
 Lotus Evora (2018) - 400/Sport 4103.5 V6 GAS FI 3456cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Mazda 3 (2018) - G/GS/GX/i/Sport/Touring2.0 L4 GAS FI 1998cc
 Mazda 3 (2018) - Grand Touring/I Touring/S/Touring2.5 L4 GAS FI 2488cc
 Mazda 3 Sport (2018) - GS/GX2.0 L4 GAS FI 1998cc
 Mazda 6 (2018) - Sport2.5 L4 GAS FI 2488cc
 Mazda CX-3 (2018) - GX/Sport2.0 L4 GAS FI 1998cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Mini Cooper (2018) - Base/Chili/Salt1.5 L3 GAS FI 1499cc
 Mini Cooper (2018) - John Cooper Works/John Cooper Works Hot Chili/John Cooper Works Salt/S/S Chili/S Salt2.0 L4 GAS FI 1998cc
 Mini Cooper Clubman (2018) - John Cooper Works ALL4/S/S ALL42.0 L4 GAS FI 1998cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Mini Cooper Clubman (2018) - ALL4/Base1.5 L3 GAS FI 1499cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Mini Cooper Countryman (2018) - ALL4/Base1.5 L3 GAS FI 1499cc
 Mitsubishi Mirage (2018) - ES/ES Plus/GLS/GLX/SE/SEL1.2 L3 GAS FI 1193cc
 Nissan 370Z (2018) - Base/Nismo/Nismo Tech/Sport/Touring/Touring Sport3.7 V6 GAS FI 3696cc
 Nissan Frontier (2018) - PRO-4X/S/SV4.0 V6 GAS FI 3954cc
 Nissan Sentra (2018) - Advance/S/Sense/SV1.8 L4 GAS FI 1798cc
 Nissan Sentra (2018) - Nismo/SR Turbo1.6 L4 GAS FI 1618cc
 Porsche 718 Boxster (2018) - Base2.0 H4 GAS FI 1988cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Porsche 718 Boxster (2018) - S2.5 H4 GAS FI 2497cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Porsche 718 Cayman (2018) - S2.5 H4 GAS FI 2497cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Porsche 718 Cayman (2018) - Base2.0 H4 GAS FI 1988cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Porsche 911 (2018) - Carrera/Carrera 4/Carrera 4 GTS/Carrera 4S/Carrera GTS/Carrera S/Targa 4/Targa 4 GTS/Targa 4S3.0 H6 GAS FI 2981cc
 Porsche 911 (2018) - GT34.0 H6 GAS FI 3996cc
 Ram 2500 (2018) - Big Horn/Laramie/Outdoorsman/SLT/ST/Tradesman5.7 V8 GAS FI -cc
 Ram 2500 (2018) - Big Horn/Laramie/Outdoorsman/SLT/ST/Tradesman6.7 L6 DIESEL FI -cc
 Ram 2500 (2018) - Big Horn/Laramie/Outdoorsman/SLT/ST/Tradesman6.4 V8 GAS FI 6424cc
 Ram 3500 (2018) - Big Horn/Laramie/SLT/ST/Tradesman5.7 V8 GAS FI -cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Ram 3500 (2018) - Big Horn/Laramie/SLT/ST/Tradesman6.7 L6 DIESEL FI -cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Ram 3500 (2018) - Big Horn/Laramie/SLT/ST/Tradesman6.4 V8 GAS FI 6424cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Subaru Crosstrek (2018-2019) - Base/Convenience/Premium/Sport/Touring2.0 H4 GAS FI 1995cc
 Subaru Forester (2018) - 2.5i/2.5i Premium2.5 H4 GAS FI 2498cc
 Subaru Impreza (2018) - Base/Convenience/Sport2.0 H4 GAS FI 1995cc
 Subaru XV (2018) - Premium2.0 H4 GAS FI 1995cc
 Toyota Corolla (2018) - Base/CE/SE1.8 L4 GAS FI 1798cc
 Toyota Corolla iM (2018) - Base1.8 L4 GAS FI 1798cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Toyota Tacoma (2018) - SR/TRD Off-Road/TRD Pro/TRD Sport3.5 V6 GAS FI 3456cc
 Toyota Tacoma (2018) - SR2.7 L4 GAS FI 2694cc
 Toyota Yaris (2018) - Base/CE/Core/L/R LE/S/SE1.5 L4 GAS FI 1496cc
 Toyota Yaris iA (2018) - Base1.5 L4 GAS FI 1496cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Volkswagen Golf (2018) - S/Trendline1.8 L4 GAS FI 1798cc
 Volkswagen Golf (2018) - Comfortline1.4 L4 GAS FI 1395cc
 Volkswagen Golf R (2018) - Base2.0 L4 GAS FI 1984cc | Standard (6 speeds)
 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen (2018) - S/Trendline1.8 L4 GAS FI 1798cc
 Volkswagen GTI (2018) - Autobahn/S/SE2.0 L4 GAS FI 1984cc
 Volkswagen Jetta (2018) - Base/GLI2.0 L4 GAS FI 1984cc
 Volkswagen Jetta (2018-2019) - Comfortline/S/SE/Wolfsburg Edition1.4 L4 GAS FI 1395cc
 Volkswagen Jetta (2018) - Trendline2.5 L5 GAS FI 2480cc
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Return Policy


At Advanced Clutch Technology we make returns as easy as possible. Our mission is to provide you with the best products and the best service in the industry. We understand that sometimes, customers change their minds about products that they order or simply do not need them anymore. We also know that customers are cautious about Return Policies since they are often tricky and misleading. Our goal is to make the return or exchange process trustworthy and as simple as 1-2-3.


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item within 14 days of delivery of your order. For orders placed during the holiday season from November 15th to December 31st, the return period is extended to 60 days.

The following rules apply:

  • Products must be in original packaging and in a new and resalable condition.
  • Any product that was used or fully/partially installed is non-returnable.
  • Shipping Fees are non-refundable.
  • All returns must be made via our Return Procedure by filling out an RMA form in the MY ACCOUNT section.
  • There are few non-returnable products & services that may be offered on our website. It will indicate clearly in the product description if a different return policy applies.
  • Order cancellations can only be requested prior to shipment or in some cases.
  • If the return of an item was caused by an error on our or a manufacturer's part, we will cover the shipping fees.


To return a product, you must first request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) that is located in the MY ACCOUNT section next to each order item that you want to return. The RMA form will include an exact return address and detailed instructions on how to return a product. Please allow 24 to 72 hours for processing your claim.


There are 2 ways you can go about exchanging a product:

  • Option 1 (Slower) - Use the standard return procedure to request an RMA for the part you need exchanged. In your request please specify the exact item(s) you would like to exchange to. Upon receipt of your returned product we will process an exchange and ship the new part. If there is a difference in the price, you will be either refunded or charged the difference.
  • Option 2 (Faster) - Order the new part online or over the phone so it can be shipped to you right away. Then request an RMA using a standard Return Procedure for the part you would like to return. Upon return of the part a refund will be issued promptly.


We all know that accidents happen sometimes. If your product(s) will arrive defective, damaged, or simply incorrect, please contact our customer service department as soon as possible. Please do not attempt to use or install the part! We will send you a replacement part and provide you with a prepaid return label to return the defective part. Product(s) must be returned to us within 30 days. If the damage was caused by a shipping courier, we will schedule a damage pick up by the courier.

When a replacement part is requested to be shipped prior to the return of original merchandise, we must temporarily authorize your credit card until the original merchandise is returned.


When you request a cancellation of an order or a part it may take up to 72 hours to process your cancellation claim. This process may involve voiding orders in computer systems, removing items from backorder logs, having operations personnel pull items from production schedules and sometimes stopping orders at the shipping dock. Also note that sometimes products ship more quickly than expected, so we recommend that you do not purchase alternative products until receiving final confirmation of your cancellation.


After we accept your return, you will be issued a refund via the same payment method as you had originally used to place the order (Credit Card, Paypal, Google, eBillMe, or Check). The refund amount will be composed of the original purchase price minus shipping charges. You will be sent an email confirming receipt of the return and your credit. Please allow an additional 5-7 days for the credit to appear on your account.

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