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3000619 - Perf Street Rigid Disc


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Note: Must be used with ACT flywheel (not included).

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Item Description Perf Street Rigid Disc
Product Weight (lbs.) 2.3
Disc Material Organic
Diameter (Inches) 9.3
Diameter (Millimeters) 236
Warranty 12 Months (view details)
SFI 1.1


3000619 is a street rigid disc featuring premium organic materials with high copper content for better heat transfer and steel-backed lining for greater burst strength and durability. These discs are modified with reduced marcel for faster shift action to complement ACT pressure plates. The chrome-moly hub is heat-treated for strength and durability. Rivet design and materials are carefully selected for maximum strength. Lightweight, solid-hub design allows for quicker shifting and engagement. ACT's street rigid-hub discs provide race-proven performance with street manageability.

Feel Smooth engagement, quicker shifts, increased gear rattle
Life Premium organic composite friction blended for high heat tolerance, increased burst strength, faster recovery from overheating and less wear of mating surfaces, rigid design may increase spline wear
Quality Chromoly hub is heat-treated for strength and durability
Recommended Use Recommended for high horsepower street or race use
ACT Difference Steel-backed linings for higher burst strength, reduced marcel for quicker shifts

Vehicle Fitment

Fitment Info
Application Engine
2002 Lexus IS300 Base 3.0 L6 GAS FI 2997cc
2003 Lexus IS300 Base 3.0 L6 GAS FI 2997cc
2004 Lexus IS300 Base 3.0 L6 GAS FI 2997cc
2005 Lexus IS300 Base 3.0 L6 GAS FI 2997cc

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an ACT Race puck-style disc be used for daily driving, and is it recommended?
ACT's race discs are very aggressive and provide no-nonsense performance response. As a result, the engagement is harsh. Taking off from a stop can cause judder and/or an uncomfortable noise. These characteristics have no effect on the performance on the clutch or the drive line components. This type of disc should only be used in a professional race setting and never on the street. ACT always recommends using an organic disc on the street because it offers a smoother engagement and a longer lasting performance value for everyday drivers.
When should a clutch disc be replaced?
The majority of new discs measure .312-.315” (7.93 – 8.00mm) thick – fully worn is .275” (7.00mm) or below. A few applications (mostly Audi and BMW) start out at .332 - .335” (8.43 – 8.50mm). These are to be replaced when below .295” (7.50mm). It’s best to measure with a micrometer. Puck discs are measured as-is, where organic street discs are correctly measured by fully compressing the engagement cushion (marcel) between the linings. If the lining rivets on either side of the disc have made contact with the flywheel or pressure plate face, the disc must be replaced. Note: Using a disc that is thicker or thinner than the working range the pressure plate is designed for will have varying, and often very poor, results.