ACT Releases SFI-Approved 225mm Mod-Twin for 1993-1994 R32 & R33 1995-1998 R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R

LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA, MAY 15, 2024 — Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) releases a full range of 225mm Mod-Twin Pull-Type Clutch Kits for the 1993-1994 R32 and 1995-1998 R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R

This Mod-Twin is a revolutionary performance breakthrough, resulting in an ultra-durable, customer-serviceable, long-lasting clutch with extremely high torque capacity, without the trade-offs often associated with typical twin disc clutch designs.


  • Ideal for Street: The 225mm Mod-Twin Street Kits provide excellent feel and drivability while quietly capable of holding up to 875 FT-LB of torque; perfectly suited for daily use.
  • Destined to Win: 225mm Mod-Twin HD, XT, and XXT Race kits endure the punishment of competitive racing, whether it is drag, road or rally The Mod-Twin delivers excellent clutch life and resilience at torque levels as high as 1,340 FT-LB.
  • Less is More: A single Mono-Drive hub by ACT increases toughness and spline life while providing either a robust damper or rigid coupling to the transmission.
  • Modular: Optional components for the Mod-Twin can be combined in any one of 10 configurations. The Mod-Twin has three different clamp loads available, alternate friction plates and a choice of either a sprung or solid Mono-Drive hub.
  • Simple Installation: Maintains the factory stack height for compatibility with OE or aftermarket release bearing assemblies. 
  • Includes: Chromoly XACT Streetlite Flywheel, Clutch Hardware, Release Bearing, Pilot Bearing, and Alignment Tool.

To view a PDF of the press release and specifications sheet, please click here.