Check Engine Light When Using a Lightened Flywheel on the Subaru WRX

When using a lightened flywheel with the Subaru WRX, the check engine light (CEL) has been known to come on for no reason on some vehicles. Because the high inertia of the factory flywheel is not there to smooth out the idle, it can be slightly rougher than stock with a lightweight, aftermarket flywheel. The CEL is the ECU interpreting the change in idle as a misfire in the electrical system. There is no misfire in the electrical system, but this is the only way the ECU has to interpret the change in idle with its programming. The only way to avoid getting the CEL is to use a heavier flywheel, such as the stock flywheel. This has been observed occasionally with flywheels as heavy as 12.5 pounds, but more commonly with lighter flywheels, like the ACT Prolite at 9.6 pounds or aluminum flywheels.