ACT Releases SFI-Approved Performance Twin Clutch Kits for Nissan Patrol Applications

LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA, JANUARY 23rd, 2024 ACT Releases SFI-Approved Performance Twin Clutch Kits for Nissan Patrol Applications

Advanced Clutch Technology, a leading innovator in performance clutch solutions, proudly unveils its latest breakthrough – the new Clutch for Nissan Patrol Y61 series models equipped with the powerful TB48 engine spanning from 2001 to 2024. Crafted with precision, this state-of-the-art clutch system is designed to withstand both regular street use and the toughest off-road conditions the desert can offer. It offers unmatched durability on and off the road (see spec sheet).


  •  Factory clutch has limitations with big tires (due to tall OE gearing) during off-roading.
  • OEM torque capacity is insufficient for significant power increases.
  • Captures major power increases (800 – 2000+HP!).
  • Based on the venerable 10.5” Street Twin.
  • Provides more heat capacity for off-road adventures,sand dunes, drag racing, and street performance abuse.
  • Designed to handle power adders like big turbos.
  • Does not use the factory flywheel spacer;it is incorporated into the ACT FW design.
  • Does not fit the Y62 Patrol models(introduced in 2010), which alsoinclude the 2010-up Infiniti Q56/QX80and the 2017-up Nissan Armada.

ACT Twin-Disc Clutch Kits offer a wide range, from street-friendly (Organic Street Disc) to race-ready (6-Puck Cerametallic Disc) kits, with torque capacities ranging from 986 to 1543 ft-lbs of torque. These kits incorporate two discs, providing twice the disc surface area compared to conventional clutch designs. This results in better wear characteristics, higher heat capacity, and longer life. The twin-disc kits feature ACT’s proprietary Positive Lift Floater system, allowing for easy adjustment to compensate for disc wear.

To view a PDF of the press release and specifications sheet, please click here.